About Us

Kvadrato is a group of architecture editors from different publications who came together to explore ways to break down the barriers of formal architecture communication. The group will aim to kick off a series of fruitful discussions on the practices, processes and experiences of architecture, its many actors and how to frame them. Kvadrato means place (or square) in Esperanto. Kvadrato was founded by Christian Burkhard editor-in-chief at Architectuul, Francesco degl’Innocenti, editor at Volume and Giulia Ricci, editor at Domus. It is coordinated by Bostjan Bugaric, senior editor at Architectuul. Version 1.0 was developed in collaboration with Berta Gutiérrez, Christina Serifi and Alkistis Thomidou. Version 2.0 is produced and managed by Quest (Christian Burkhard & Florian Köhl).


16.06.2022 - 17.06.2022
Kassel, Online
Conference, Panel discussion