Unveiling the Depths: An Exploration of Underground Urbanism with Mahak Agrawal

03.07.2024, All Things Urban Team

At All Things Urban, we thrive on uncovering new niches and exploring unexpected angles that offer fresh perspectives on urban living. Today, we delve into the fascinating world of underground urbanism—a field that is redefining how we design, utilize, and inhabit our cities. In this interview, we speak with Mahak Agrawal, an expert in the field, to gain insights into the significance, challenges, and potential of utilizing underground spaces to create more sustainable and resilient urban environments. Join us as we journey below the surface to discover how underground urbanism is shaping the cities of the future.

Reimagining the Right of Way

17.04.2024, Anya Groner

In Bratislava, empathy and play are not just child's play; they are essential tools in redesigning urban spaces. This story marks the beginning of a compelling series from the Urban95 Academy by LSE Cities and the Van Leer Foundation, which guides city leaders in crafting environments that prioritise the needs of young children and their caregivers. Bratislava’s efforts to create safer, more accessible streets stand as a testament to the transformative power of child-centric urban planning. As we delve into this series, we'll uncover how cities around the globe are innovating to create communities that support the well-being of all their residents, proving that what works for children works for everyone.

A Journey in Urban AI: Insights from Emerging Leaders – Shweta Gandhi

18.02.2024, All Things Urban and URBAN AI

In what ways can Urban AI enhance the quality of life in cities? In our series "A Journey in Urban AI," we explore this intriguing question with emerging leaders who are revolutionizing urban planning through artificial intelligence. This installment features Shweta Gandhi, an accomplished Urban Planner & Strategist currently working at AECOM and a graduate of the first edition of the Urban AI Emerging Leaders Program. With a rich background in strategic visioning, policy development, and urban analytics, Shweta holds an MSc in Sustainable Urban Development from the University of Oxford. She has a keen interest in urban AI and has focused on sustainable urban development and smart city concepts. Based in the Middle East, Shweta is dedicated to using urban AI to enhance urban efficiency and quality of life on a global scale. In this interview, she shares her journey into Urban AI, pivotal moments in her career, challenges, emerging trends, and advice for aspiring professionals in the field.

A Journey in Urban AI: Insights from Emerging Leaders – Céleste Richard

26.12.2023, All Things Urban and URBAN AI

Imagine stepping into a time machine and witnessing the evolution of a city. What pivotal moments, challenges, and innovations have shaped the urban landscape over the years? Today, we invite you to embark on a journey through the dynamic world of urban artificial intelligence, guided by the visionary graduates of the first edition of the Urban AI Emerging Leaders Program. These pioneers are revolutionizing urbanism with data-driven insights. Join us as we delve into the evolution of urban landscapes with Céleste Richard, an Urban Design Senior Consultant at Aretian. With a background in architecture and urbanism, Céleste specializes in creating sustainable, innovative city environments.

Top 5 Trends in Sustainable Urban Development to Watch and Learn

27.11.2023, All Things Urban Team

What are the essential skills and knowledge areas urbanists should focus on? While grasping all the evolving trends at once can be daunting, we've honed in on the key themes that will define sustainable urban development in the near future. This article, brought to you by the All Things Urban team in partnership with the EIT Urban Mobility Academy, highlights these pivotal trends and offers insights into how their courses can prepare you to navigate and contribute to these exciting developments.

Designing for Well-being: How Shared Living Spaces Shape Urban Life

01.11.2023, Kelly-anne Watson, Managing Director at The Class Foundation

In a world shaken by unprecedented challenges, our understanding of wellbeing has undergone a profound transformation. We have come to recognize how deeply our mental and physical health intertwines with our urban surroundings. Against this backdrop, interior designers and housing operators are stepping up as pivotal forces in city development, championing holistic wellbeing within shared living spaces. Let's explore the facets of intentional design that can amplify well-being in these urban settings.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Faezeh Mohammadi

07.06.2023, Regina Schröter

Faezeh Mohammadi is an Iranian urbanist and programme maker who started out as a Bachelor's student of Urban Planning & Design at the University of Tehran and moved to The Netherlands to continue her studies with a Master’s in Urban & Regional Planning. In this interview, Faezeh shares her experience of pursuing an early career as an international graduate in a “migrant destination” and gives valuable advice on how to overcome these challenges.

Building a Greener Future: A Conversation with Leipzig's Urban Planning Lead Ahead of Velo-City 2023

28.04.2023, Anastasia Sukhoroslova

As urban development continues to evolve, it is crucial to gain insights from those at the forefront of these changes. In the lead up to the world cycling summit Velo-city 2023 in Leipzig, All Things Urban sits down with Thomas Dienberg, the city's Deputy Mayor of Urban Development and Construction. With two decades of experience in urban planning, Dienberg discusses global city development trends, Leipzig's role in the green transition, and the essential skills for future urban developers. His unique perspective brings to light the challenges and triumphs of city-level action, and the potential of strategic urban planning for a sustainable future.

Future Career Trends: Preparing for the Cities of Tomorrow

17.04.2023, Anastasia Sukhoroslova

As the world continues to urbanize at a rapid pace, the need for professionals with interdisciplinary knowledge and soft skills is on the rise. The field of urban studies is becoming increasingly complex, encompassing a wide range of disciplines, from architecture and engineering to social sciences and economics. New multidisciplinary education programs, such as the Bachelor in Urban Studies by IE University, are designed to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in a rapidly evolving urban environment. So, what specific skills are required, and which crucial trends should aspiring urban professionals monitor to remain highly sought-after in the field?

From Cape Town to Brighton: The Power of Open Spaces to Shape Urban Life

14.03.2023, Annabel Fenton

Inhabiting space - whether it be a rural town or a massive metropolis, is an integral part of the human experience, and within our urban encounters lie many stories about the lives we’ve led. Drawing on my experiences of open space in four of the places I’ve lived - Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Cape Town and Brighton - I’ve had a glimpse into the differences and similarities of urban life in these places. What is open space and why do we need it?
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