Anastasia Sukhoroslova

I am an international PR consultant with a broad experience of leading global communications strategies in urbanism: from working with architects and internationally recognized projects at La Biennale di Venezia to supporting non-profits in Los Angeles and think-tanks in London or Amsterdam. As CEO of All Things Urban I am in charge of our strategic decisions, partnerships, and team management. <br/><br/> Reach out to me to learn more about collaboration opportunities, promotion packages or media partnerships!

Regina Schröter

I am a strategic designer exploring sustainable urban futures in Amsterdam and Berlin. At All Things Urban I am building our international community and developing engagement formats. Together with Nayla Saniour I created the interview series “Stories Of Young Urbanists” that showcases inspiring career journeys of our community members. <br/><br/> Email me to discuss our editorial work or community growth strategies!

Nayla Saniour

I am trained as an architect, and I worked in urban design, strategic planning and civic engagement in Madrid. I am currently exploring strategies and technologies for development through my master's degree. At All Things Urban I am producing the interview series "Stories Of Young Urbanists”, created together with Regina Schröter. <br/><br/> Drop me a line if you want to speak about our blog, expert network or online events and webinars!

Karina Garnaga

A city planner and a sociologist, today I am leading spatial development and placemaking projects in Russia. After a few years in real estate analytics and in property management, I continue to be driven by urbanism and strategic thinking together with All Things Urban.


It all started with our own attempts to find a cool job in the area of urbanism. Not only was it impossible to find all the companies and their open positions in one place, it was also hard to locate jobs, courses or events about something beyond conventional urban design or planning. One day we decided we want to make it easier for those who want to make a difference to put their skills to use, and in June 2018 we launched our website. Initially co-founded by Valeria Danin and Anastasia Sukhoroslova with an invaluable technical support by Dan Gittik, now the project is led solely by Anastasia Sukhoroslova and executed by a global team of passionate urbanists, researchers and writers. Today, All Things Urban is a fast-growing community of diverse people and organisations contributing to making cities a better place to live and work at.