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A Journey in Urban AI: Insights from Emerging Leaders – Shweta Gandhi

18.02.2024, All Things Urban and URBAN AI

In what ways can Urban AI enhance the quality of life in cities? In our series "A Journey in Urban AI," we explore this intriguing question with emerging leaders who are revolutionizing urban planning through artificial intelligence. This installment features Shweta Gandhi, an accomplished Urban Planner & Strategist currently working at AECOM and a graduate of the first edition of the Urban AI Emerging Leaders Program. With a rich background in strategic visioning, policy development, and urban analytics, Shweta holds an MSc in Sustainable Urban Development from the University of Oxford. She has a keen interest in urban AI and has focused on sustainable urban development and smart city concepts. Based in the Middle East, Shweta is dedicated to using urban AI to enhance urban efficiency and quality of life on a global scale. In this interview, she shares her journey into Urban AI, pivotal moments in her career, challenges, emerging trends, and advice for aspiring professionals in the field.

A Journey in Urban AI: Insights from Emerging Leaders – Céleste Richard

26.12.2023, All Things Urban and URBAN AI

Imagine stepping into a time machine and witnessing the evolution of a city. What pivotal moments, challenges, and innovations have shaped the urban landscape over the years? Today, we invite you to embark on a journey through the dynamic world of urban artificial intelligence, guided by the visionary graduates of the first edition of the Urban AI Emerging Leaders Program. These pioneers are revolutionizing urbanism with data-driven insights. Join us as we delve into the evolution of urban landscapes with Céleste Richard, an Urban Design Senior Consultant at Aretian. With a background in architecture and urbanism, Céleste specializes in creating sustainable, innovative city environments.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Faezeh Mohammadi

07.06.2023, Regina Schröter

Faezeh Mohammadi is an Iranian urbanist and programme maker who started out as a Bachelor's student of Urban Planning & Design at the University of Tehran and moved to The Netherlands to continue her studies with a Master’s in Urban & Regional Planning. In this interview, Faezeh shares her experience of pursuing an early career as an international graduate in a “migrant destination” and gives valuable advice on how to overcome these challenges.

Future Career Trends: Preparing for the Cities of Tomorrow

17.04.2023, Anastasia Sukhoroslova

As the world continues to urbanize at a rapid pace, the need for professionals with interdisciplinary knowledge and soft skills is on the rise. The field of urban studies is becoming increasingly complex, encompassing a wide range of disciplines, from architecture and engineering to social sciences and economics. New multidisciplinary education programs, such as the Bachelor in Urban Studies by IE University, are designed to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in a rapidly evolving urban environment. So, what specific skills are required, and which crucial trends should aspiring urban professionals monitor to remain highly sought-after in the field?

How to Build Livable Cities: From Tactical Urbanism to Urban Mobility Futures – Jorn Wemmenhove (Co-Founder of Humankind)

01.03.2023, Regina Schröter

How can we strategically transform cities to be more human-centered? Jorn Wemmenhove, co-founder of Humankind – agency for urban change (Rotterdam), shares his expertise on mobility transition and tactical urbanism. In this interview, All Things Urban spoke with Jorn about current trends in urban planning, practical advice for aspiring professionals and Humankind’s upcoming Masterclass „Beyond Flying Cars“.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Paulina Fried

03.02.2023, Regina Schröter

Coming from a background in Geography, Paulina specialised in Cities & Sustainability at Aalborg University and gained experience working in mobility research at the University of Amsterdam and sustainable urban development at a Germany-based project developer. After working remotely from Lisbon during the pandemic, Paulina is now based in Berlin as a city dialogue consultant for German Railways, bringing their mission of sustainable mobility to life in collaboration with municipalities across the country.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Mariko Sugita

19.09.2022, Nayla Saniour

Mariko Sugita is an independent editor, journalist, and researcher on architecture and urbanism. She owns the website Traveling Circus of Urbanism and manages the cultural space Bridge To in Kyoto where she hosts an “urbanist in residence” program. Mariko co-founded For Cities, a new urban experience design studio based in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Amsterdam.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Dorraine Duncan and Jhordan Channer

22.06.2022, Regina Schröter

Dorraine Duncan and Jhordan Channer are co-founders of Island City Lab, a think-tank confronting urban issues in cities across island nations. Whilst Dorraine studied environmental policy and urban planning and Jhordan architecture at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, they gained internship experience in Singapore and Guangzhou, South China. After graduation, they moved to New York City, where Dorraine worked in municipal planning and Jhordan in urban design. They were both fellows at the Urban Design Forum before they returned to Kingston, Jamaica, where they are now based.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Camila Jordan

08.02.2022, Nayla Saniour

Camila Jordan is an environmental engineer turned urban planner, policy researcher and community advocate. While initially working as an environmental analyst, she volunteered for several years at TETO, a Latin American NGO that builds emergency housing for underserved communities. She then obtained a Master’s in Public Administration in Development Practice at Columbia University, New York City, where she led a pilot program to create more social housing. Camila is currently the executive director at TETO Brazil.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Manali Sheth

21.01.2022, Nayla Saniour

Manali Sheth initially studied Ethnomusicology in California and traveled to Turkey and India before shifting her career through an urban planning crash course. She received a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from the University of Washington in Seattle while doing research at the Urban Freight Lab. Manali then joined Arup as a logistics consultant, and she is currently working at the Shared-Use Mobility Center in Chicago.
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