Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Mariko Sugita

19.09.2022, Nayla Saniour

Mariko Sugita is an independent editor, journalist, and researcher on architecture and urbanism. She owns the website Traveling Circus of Urbanism and manages the cultural space Bridge To in Kyoto where she hosts an “urbanist in residence” program. Mariko co-founded For Cities, a new urban experience design studio based in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Amsterdam.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Dorraine Duncan and Jhordan Channer

22.06.2022, Regina Schröter

Dorraine Duncan and Jhordan Channer are co-founders of Island City Lab, a think-tank confronting urban issues in cities across island nations. Whilst Dorraine studied environmental policy and urban planning and Jhordan architecture at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, they gained internship experience in Singapore and Guangzhou, South China. After graduation, they moved to New York City, where Dorraine worked in municipal planning and Jhordan in urban design. They were both fellows at the Urban Design Forum before they returned to Kingston, Jamaica, where they are now based.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Camila Jordan

08.02.2022, Nayla Saniour

Camila Jordan is an environmental engineer turned urban planner, policy researcher and community advocate. While initially working as an environmental analyst, she volunteered for several years at TETO, a Latin American NGO that builds emergency housing for underserved communities. She then obtained a Master’s in Public Administration in Development Practice at Columbia University, New York City, where she led a pilot program to create more social housing. Camila is currently the executive director at TETO Brazil.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Manali Sheth

21.01.2022, Nayla Saniour

Manali Sheth initially studied Ethnomusicology in California and traveled to Turkey and India before shifting her career through an urban planning crash course. She received a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from the University of Washington in Seattle while doing research at the Urban Freight Lab. Manali then joined Arup as a logistics consultant, and she is currently working at the Shared-Use Mobility Center in Chicago.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Jos Kenter

04.11.2021, Regina Schröter

Jos Kenter is an urban designer, illustrator and researcher based in Rotterdam. He studied his Bachelor's and Master’s in Urbanism at TU Delft, and graduated with a thesis about autonomous vehicles and what their arrival to cities might mean for urban planning. Jos is currently working on the development of future scenarios for Dutch cities and regions as Junior Urban Designer and Researcher at RUIMTEVOLK.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Franca Fellmann

29.09.2021, Regina Schröter

Franca Fellmann grew up in Switzerland supporting progressive ideas from a young age. During her Bachelor’s in Geography and Sociology, she discovered her interest for sustainable urban development and moved to Rotterdam for a Master’s degree in Urban Management and Development. Franca is currently interning at the Cantonal and Urban Development division of the Canton of Basel-City.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Erica Belcher

17.07.2021, Nayla Saniour

Erica Belcher studied arts and culture in Maastricht, Netherlands, before moving to the UK for her master’s degree at the London School of Economics. She then worked as a policy researcher in think tanks, immersing herself in the world of local governance where she became progressively interested in urbanism. Her next step as policy data analyst brings her to work on UK national issues of data science and statistics.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Manasvini Hariharan

17.06.2021, Nayla Saniour

Manasvini Hariharan studied architecture in her hometown Chennai, India, before shifting to urbanism. She traveled to Tours, France, on a scholarship for a Master’s degree in urban planning, then returned to Mumbai to apply her skills on the ground in the city. She later moved to Seoul, South Korea, to work as a planner and strategist in urban regeneration projects, along with researching high-rise living.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Elizaveta Fakirova

03.03.2021, Regina Schröter

After graduating in Architectural Environment Design, Elizaveta Fakirova realized her talents were actually on the side of project management. After gaining experience at Strelka KB in Moscow, Russia’s biggest urban consultancy firm, she moved to Berlin to pursue a Master’s in Urban Management. Elizaveta is currently a fellow at Alexander von Humboldt Foundation researching green roofs and facades as a tool to mitigate local climate changes.

Stories of Young Urbanists: Meet Anouchka Strunden

16.02.2021, Maria Prosviryakova

Anouchka Strunden graduated in International Business and Cultural Studies at Passau University, Germany, where she discovered an interest in mobility planning. Drawn to living in an international capital, she moved to Brussels for her Master’s in Urban Studies. After gaining experience at Copenhagenize and GIZ, Anouchka is currently about to start a position as Sustainable Mobility Junior Consultant.
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